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iGaming Deck serves as a centralized hub for an extensive collection of popular casino games, offering seamless integration into any gaming website through a single API. Our dedicated iGaming Deck team guides you through the entire integration process, collaborating closely with game content providers to ensure ongoing technical support.
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    Empowering Casino Management with Cutting-Edge Features

    Experience the next-generation iGaming aggregator, iGamingDeck. Our state-of-the-art software is designed to revolutionize the way players, online casinos, and game developers interact. With iGamingDeck, you gain access to an unparalleled array of top-quality games from leading developers, all in one convenient location.


    Casino Hub

    Casino Hub

    Effortlessly manage game operations, player activity, game rounds, and diverse game reports.
    Comprehensive Dashboard

    Comprehensive Dashboards

    Gain a holistic view of your latest casino/s activities and performances.
    Client Area

    Client Area and Custom Settings Options

    Possibility to request custom settings for games and game providers based on game provider possibility and a coming soon client area with access to game providers news, promotions, and game assets in a centralized area.
    customization options

    Games and Player Activities Reports

    Detailed analytics to track game performance and to monitor the gaming activity. A valuable tool for informed decision-making.

    Our Pillars



    Fast Go To Market Time
    Speed to launch
    continuous support
    Continuous Support


    Extensive Catalogue

    Our Aggregator provides a diverse portfolio of games, including both established brands and innovative up-and-coming studios.

    Single API Integration

    Gain access to our extensive games hub with a single API integration for seamless implementation.

    One Deal

    A single contract with us simplifies the process compared to dealing with multiple individual providers, and it ensures access to new titles as they become available.

    Competitive Rates

    Experience better revenue rates compared to the competition.

    Powerful and User Friendly Back Office

    User-friendly back office, making it easy to manage your daily casino operations and providing access to a wide selection of reports

    Fast Support

    Benefit from a dedicated account manager and technical support throughout the integration process and after.

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    What is a Game Aggregator?

    What is a Game Aggregator?

    A game aggregator is a unique solution in the iGaming industry that allows Operators to optimize their resources and gain …

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