How does Casino Aggregator Software Work?

how does casino aggregator software work

Leading casino platform tech provider iGP is renowned across the industry for its innovative, scalable and stable platform solutions that power key operators across the iGaming industry.

In September 2023, iGP added iGaming Deck, its cloud-based, single API aggregator to its portfolio of industry redefining products.

With over 10,000 award-winning slots already integrated, iGaming Deck has been a success story from the start. Offering live casinos, immersive slot games, classic table games and e-sports to players, the opportunity to create legendary promotions, tailored to individual players’ needs and demands, has never been easier.

Supported by an intuitive UI and exceptional CRM tools for AI-aided data drilling, operators can create promotions, tournaments and experiences that keep players loyal for life.

iGaming Deck is a success story through state-of-the-art technology married to creative thinking and intelligent design. So, how does casino aggregator software work and, even more importantly, how does successful casino aggregator software work?

What is a Games Aggregator?

A games aggregator is the middleman to give one access point to a huge variety of games, promotions and bonuses depending on the quality of the aggregator.

Games aggregators enable thousands of slots from any number of separate content providers to be held together in one place. It’s also called a games aggregation platform or games aggregation software.

A games aggregator is also a platform that connects players with multiple online casinos. Why casino operators need to have access to a games aggregator is because it enables them to build a portfolio of casino products and games to entertain and retain their clients and players.

Do I Need Casino Aggregator Software?

Yes. Casino operators benefit from the variety and choice that an aggregator can provide, as all the research and testing of the slots has been done for you.

Good casino aggregator software includes CRM tools designed to segment and differentiate player preferences across feature, RTP, theme, provider, licence and RNG, drilling for data to give casino operators competitive advantage for attracting, engaging and retaining their players.

If casino operators were to target sportsbook bettors for example, alongside the football, snooker or horse racing betting options, they have the potential to introduce casino slots by offering mini games to cross-sell new opportunities. This provides a cost effective and innovative way for casino operators to test new ideas and products and ascertain what drives player loyalty and engagement.

The better quality and more varied the choice of slots and games, the more successful a casino operator will be at building both entertainment value and player trust. If an operator works with a casino games aggregator like iGP’s iGaming Deck, the service and results get even better as the system runs through a single API.

What is a Single API?

An API is an Application Programme Interface and that means that two (or more) different software programmes can talk to each other sending requests and sharing data or functionalities. If you don’t have any API function on your platform, it makes it more complicated for each transaction made, as each one has to be individually inputted. It also slows down integration from the aggregator platform to the casino platform losing valuable time to market and competitive advantage.

Single APIs ensure that instead of contacting each and every content provider and drawing up a separate agreement with them, casino operators can access the content they want to offer their players though one source and let iGaming Deck handle everything else.

So, casino operators looking to succeed, whether they want to focus on the fast-growing Latin American iGaming market, or specialise in global Cryptocurrency igaming solutions, or offer classic table games including Live Dealer Poker to iGaming players in Europe and/or regulated markets, find that working with iGaming Deck means a simple, straightforward and seamless system. One point of contact, one signed contract and 1,000,000 opportunities.

What are the Benefits of Casino Aggregator Software?

  • Convenience: iGaming Deck enables casino operators and their players to access a wide variety of games from different providers through one contract and contact and without having to create multiple accounts.
  • Cost saving. Dealing with one contract saves time and money, giving operators better budget control and faster timeframes.
  • Choice:  Operators have a wider choice of games as casino aggregators partner with a variety of different casino providers across themes, features, win potential, jurisdiction and language.
  • Bonuses: Casino aggregators often offer exclusive options for bonuses, promotions, RTP and risk exposure to their clients so they may create tailored promos for their players.
  • Security: Casino aggregators are regulated and licensed and follow robust data security procedures. Operators can be assured of professional high standard contracts and reassure their players that they can be confident that their money and personal data is secure.

How Casino Aggregators Work for Players

When a player creates an account with iGaming Deck casino aggregator, they only need to provide their personal information once. The aggregator then stores this information securely and uses it to create player accounts with all of its partner casinos. This means that players can log in to their aggregator account and access all of their casino accounts without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

This is also provides a cost saving for operators in Customer Relations as it minimises calls to reset passwords, delays in resets and potential customer dissatisfaction whilst simultaneously providing tier-1 security from the first click.

What Does that Mean for my Casino Operations’ Security?

Managing security and risk is a critical factor. Operators are looking for iGaming Deck to actively define security risks based on the infrastructure and technology in place, including all data handling techniques to identify threats. Once we have assessed the likelihood of any occurrence and the impact of these risks, we evaluate the quality of existing controls to determine the appropriate response. We then work across the teams and third parties to manage this effectively. This means constant refining and updating of our systems and software alongside updates of trends and patterns in reported data breaches in any industry to ensure we are always ahead.

Our CRM security features also allow for an operator’s KPI to be set for: Anomaly Detection, so identifying unusual actions or behaviours; Specific Risk Assessment to flag up any suspicious activity and Real-time Monitoring, continuously tracking events and activities to quickly identify potential attacks.

We also offer multi-layered security measures such as SSL encryption, DDoS protection, 24/7 monitoring firewalls, two-factor authentication as well as regular security audits.

Why choose any other Casino Aggregator Software Provider when you can work with iGaming Deck?

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