Top Features to Look for in Casino Game Integration Platforms

Casino Game Integration Platforms

For many casino operators, using an aggregator is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to integrate large portfolios of diverse gaming content.

What kind of operator has the time to research the market and make connections with every content and payment provider to deliver these features without an aggregator? How much time would need to be spent just on the paperwork?

Using an aggregator not only simplifies the process but will offer so much more than just some new content. So, how does an operator choose which aggregator to work with? What are the features to look for in casino game integration platforms that separate good aggregators from the crowd?

We have defined the most effective features in aggregators for delivering tier one services so read on to find out what you need for success.

Top Features to Look for

Top features to look for in casino game integrations platforms include scalability, technical capacity, efficient client services that are proactive and professional and an innovative approach to changing tech for seamless integrations alongside that all important tier one content.

With a casino game integration platform, this work is done for the operator. One point of contact, one contract and let the games begin! But not all casino game integration platforms are equal. Casino operators need to ensure that they are only talking to the most effective and innovative aggregators who offer the full service.

Read more about how aggregator software works here. Not just content, but payment systems, licencing, security, back office software and client support are all crucial elements in choosing which aggregator will successfully deliver a casino operator’s iGaming ambitions.

iGaming Deck, although a newly launched casino game integration platform has already been nominated for numerous awards including EGR Aggregator of the Year and SBC Casino Beats Aggregator of the Year 2024.

Designed to revolutionise the way players, online casinos and game developers interact, iGaming Deck provides a superior offering from renowned content providers, coupled with account management and back-office support to give operators unparalleled business opportunities for success.

When a casino operator works with a top quality aggregator like iGaming Deck, then the experience is on a whole new level. Starting with the basics:

What Do We Mean By ‘Scalability’?

Does the Casino Integration Platform have the capacity to grow as demand increases? Any business that can scale up successfully should also benefit from economies of scale, where production costs are spread across more units, resulting in higher profit margins. Will your aggregator platform not only keep up with but exceed your operational requirements? How flexible and adaptable are both the technology and the people behind it?

What Do We Mean By ‘Technical Capacity’?

In simple terms, when we describe ‘technical capacity,’ we mean the actual operations of the casino integration platform or aggregator its parameters. We mean the know how of the staff, their technological expertise and their ability to deliver the deaired result for casino operators.

Moreover, technical capacity must include support for resolving technical issues. Every operator dreads crashes, glitches, downtime as uninterrupted access through stable platforms is critical for player confidence and loyalty. But sometimes the operator has no control. Surges can crash a site and so a top feature in casino games integration is the quality, speed and effectiveness of the technical support provided by the aggregator. This is part of the efficient client services offering.

What Do We Mean By Efficient Client Services?

The staff’s ability to create proactive and effective partnerships between key stakeholders and to deliver customer-centric results throughout the entire funnel is critical. The first contact with the casino operator or content provider will tell you what type of experience your players will receive. This is a clear indication of your aggregator’s efficiency, standards and ability to deliver a full service.

Reliable customer support is a top feature to look for in casino game integration platforms. Choose a provider who is known for quickly delivering a positive experience for both players and operators. Work with platforms that offer responsive support services, including multilingual live chat, email and/or phone support.

Seamless Integration

Why make life hard? Platforms that offer easy integration into existing systems whether mobile, app or backend infrastructure make a casino operations’ managers life easier. When you simplify processes, you minimise issues such as downtime and you avoid many technical issues that can come from over-complicating or not having professional expertise to rely on.

A single API (Application Programming Interface) is usually seen as a preferable method for data transfer as it saves server resources by not creating multiple TCP (transmission control packages) and eliminates the costs caused by multiple processes.

Even more effective for a top feature in casino game integration platforms is cloud-based hosting such as iGaming Deck offers.

Ultimately, the driver of success in a casino games aggregation platform is the content itself.

Content Integration

Players look for new themes, trends, concepts and features in slot design whilst old favourites drive engagement and influence new developments; so, a variety in innovative new styles of play alongside classic offerings is essential. Working with quality providers such as Pragmatic Play or Betsoft ensures a continuous supply of award-winning content, gamification tools and innovation in play. From crash games to fish slots, seamlessly integrating high-quality content is an essential feature for a casino integration platform.

Immersive, Exciting and High-Quality Content Engages and Retains Players

Increased player loyalty removes or reduces customer acquisition costs and allows the operator to create ever more customised VIP experiences for players, delivering better experiences with every visit provided the aggregator offers a back-office suite for

Player interest can be secured by a number of factors including theme, RTP, feature, content provider brand and more. Ensuring your casino offers the right mix and variety of new releases and classic slots is key.

Whether new concepts like fish and crash games; classic table games like Poker and Roulette including Live Dealer Casino Games, themed games by treasure hunters, animals, Greek gods or magic, making sure your casino game integration platform provider regularly signs up new content providers to keep your casino fresh and exciting is key.

Gamification and in-game enhancement tools

Many players chose a game by feature: from jackpots to multipliers, the bonus offers drive player engagement alongside great graphics and soundtracks. Delivering promos and tournaments is also enhanced through the addition of immersive content with in-game player engagement tools for gamification.

Mobile Optimisation

Content that has been optimised for mobile play is also a key driver of player engagement. Slots optimised for mobile screen real estate and with faster download times will secure player attention and create more repeat plays and visits than those that do not.

Localisation and Translation

Good content providers ensure that their releases are idiomatically translated and localised for specific markets to create real resonance with players. Cultural acknowledgement and overcoming language barriers is critical for players to feel appreciated and acknowledged with every bet they place and spin they take.

One of the most important features to look for in casino game integration platforms has to be the respect for and understanding of the player – the ultimate end user.

Why Choose iGaming Deck?

All the top features plus:

  • The iGaming Deck dashboard updates every 30 minutes with the most important KPIs.
  • Get detailed reports on performance, player performance, geographical performance.
  • Discover information about single game, player or transaction via iGaming Deck’s Back Office software package.
  • Unique, Comprehensive Game Library gives detailed information about each game (description, thumbnail, volatility, exposure, certification, jurisdictions, possible versions and many more properties).
  • Choose flexibility in game configuration – iGaming Deck gives operators the possibility to set max exposure / max bet limits per brand and opt in or out of certain networking promotions.
  • Complete 100% content provider support for: promotions, flexibility in game configuration, free spins, jackpots….
  • Wallet tests.
  • Elaborate information about individual transactions to aid troubleshooting, including all-inclusive transaction logs and image of a finished round from Game Provider.
  • Raw marketing materials and a few different resolutions of pre-made game thumbnails.
  • Detailed API documentation with all necessary information for an easy and smooth integration of Platform Operators.

Why work with anyone else when you can work with the best?

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